conrad-johnson HD3 USB Digital-to-Analogue Converter

conrad-johnson HD3 USB Digital-to-Analogue Converter


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Product Description

The HD3 is an audiophile grade digital to analog converter for use with a computer based audio source. It is designed to exploit the advantages of the recently available high-definition digital source material, to be simple to use, and to establish that digital sources really can "just sound right". The HD3 is designed to be as hassle-free as possible. Connect it to any available USB port on your computer with a standard USB cable, select the HD3 and you should be ready to play music in a matter of moments. It is designed to work with the drivers built into the operating systems of all modern PC, Mac, and Linux computers, so there is no need to struggle with installing drivers as there are none to install. Just select your favorite tunes from music stored on your computer, or pop a CD into your computerís optical drive, sit back and enjoy. With its asynchronous data interface virtually eliminating jitter, the HD3 will transform your computer into a high-end CD player competitive with the very best audiophile quality units on the market. The conrad-johnson analog audio circuits are your assurance that the HD3 will deliver the full potential of these sources and in the end, the music playback will be musical. As expected from conrad-johnson, the circuits are simple and executed with quality parts. A high-end Burr-Brown delta-sigma dac was selected for the digital to analog conversion. This is the most musically satisfying 24/96 capable dac presently available. The analog signal is fed to our own audio circuits, executed with highest quality polypropylene capacitors and metal foil and metal film resistors. The digital circuits are powered by regenerating power from the USB connection itself, while the analog portion of the dac and the analog audio stage are powered by separate transformers feeding discrete dc voltage regulators, thus isolating the analog signal from noise imposed on the grounds and power supply legs of the digital circuits.


  • Decodes PCM files up to 96/24
  • Asynchonous USB input for vanishingly low jitter
  • Output level (0 dB): 3.5 Vrms. S/N Ratio: better than 100 dB. Frequency response: 2 Hz to 20 kHz +0/-1.0 dB. Total harmonic distortion: less than 0.05 %.
  • Dimensions: 10"W, 2.75"H, 13"D.
  • Made-in-USA


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